Meet the hands that feel like magic.

We believe that honoring & helping our clients find their own inner compass of healing is a vital component of long-term health.

We also trust and believe in each of our clients as an expert in their own bodies. We marvel at the collective intelligence & wisdom present within our community. Our practitioners are not the gatekeepers of health, we support our clients in exploring what works for them, what boosts their vitality and improves their overall quality of life.

Massage Therapists


Amanda owner of Recovery Lounge and Spa

Meet Amanda Glenn

MA. CranioSacral Therapy

Amanda Glenn is the Founder and Owner of Recovery Lounge and Spa. Amanda began her CranioSacral Training with Upledger Institute in 2014 and currently serves as a Teaching Assistant for the Institute in their CS1 & CS2 Level Courses. She brings a MA in Educational Psychology and over 20 years of experience in women’s health, pediatrics, childbirth & lactation educator to her work with families. Her background in childbirth frames her work as a practitioner – trusting in the body and it’s capacity to heal.


  • All Ages
  • Prenatal
  • Infants & Pediatrics
  • Somatic Emotional Release & Trauma
  • Complex Health Issues
  • Concussion & Accident Recovery
melissa glenn

Meet Melissa Glenn

CranioSacral Practitioner

Melissa Glenn, CMT brings over 20 years of experience as a bodywork & massage therapy practitioner to our team. Melissa has been studying CranioSacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute since 2000 and was an anatomy instructor at Connecting Point School of Massage Therapy in Telluride, CO. After serving the Telluride community for over two decades, she now works solely as a CranioSacral Therapist because of the profound results she’s seen with this modality and specializes in injuries of the head, neck, and spine working with athletes of all ages.


  • Adults & Teens
  • Sports Injury Recovery
  • Concussion & Accident
  • Head, Neck & Shoulders
  • Trauma & Somatic Emotional Release

Meet Heather Wright

CranioSacral Practitioner | RN, IBCLC

Heather Wright has been an RN & IBCLC in the hospital for over 15 years. She began studying CranioSacral Therapy at the Carol Gray Center for CST Studies® in 2019 and began working as a CranioSacral Therapy Intern at Light Force Health with Amanda Glenn in 2021. Heather works with pre-crawling infants, has additional training in Supporting Oral Motor Skills and is in the process of completing the Lactation Master Class.


  • CranioSacral Therapy for Infants under 6 months
  • Lactation Consulting
  • Oral Habilitation for Feeding Challenges
  • Sliding Scale Services available upon request.

Massage Therapists

Meet Chris Ost

Licensed Massage Therapist

Chris Ost, LMT graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School with a passion for helping people.  Clients call his work incredible and highly recommend his work for folks looking for therapeutic benefits from their massage. He specializes in sports & injury recovery and has a special passion for supporting youth athletes in creating self-care routines to maximize their full recovery from training and injuries. 


  • Sports & Injury Recovery
  • Surgery Recovery 6mos+ post-operation
  • Trauma Informed Touch
  • Cupping & Hot Stone
  • Therapeutic Integrated Massage

Meet Mira Krishnaswamy

Licensed Massage Therapist

Mira’s massage journey started after she was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune conditions. She searched for years for a method of pain relief that didn’t rely on medications with debilitating side effects. Then Mira found massage, and knew that she needed to share this healthy, healing practice with others.
Mira has found massage therapy, and specifically cupping, to be the best method to manage her daily pain and nausea. She is excited to share her style of massage with other people who live with chronic or day-to-day pain. Mira approaches massage from the perspective of someone who has experienced chronic illness and its effects on the body. Her style of massage
aims to reduce pain from both chronic conditions as well as the bodily stress that we all accumulate through our daily lives.
Mira is a graduate of the Denver Integrative Massage School, where she focused on pain reduction, chronic conditions, autoimmune diseases, and lymphatic work. In September, Mira will be attending a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Seminar where she is set to receive certification
in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with the goal of offering this special treatment to clients.


  • Thai Stretch Massage
  • Myofascial Techniques
  • Gua Sha
  • Traditional Facial & Body Cupping
  • Unique Dynamic Cupping

Meet Rachel Smith Martin

Licensed Massage Therapist

Rachel is passionate about massage that facilitates relaxation & healing in the body. She draws upon elements of Lomi Lomi massage from her family’s Polynesian roots and loves the way that it blends and supports both Lymphatic Massage and Thai Integrated Massage.

Rachel graduated from Denver Integrative Massage School and has additional certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage. She donates time each month to the Ronald McDonald House, providing Lymphatic Massage from Breast Cancer Survivors.


  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  • Lomi Lomi Massage
  • Swedish, Therapeutic, & Thai Integrated Massage

CranioSacral Therapy Interns

Meet Noelle Eichholtz

CranioSacral Therapy Intern

Noelle is CranioSacral Practitioner with 20+ years of experience working with new families as a Newborn Care Specialist, Sleep Consultant, Infant Massage Instructor and Nanny. At Recovery Lounge and Spa, her scope of practice includes CranioSacral Therapy for people of all ages, specializing in infants & new families.


Meet Allison Karpala

Neurofeedback Associate

Allison is a Colorado native with a passion for neuroscience and wellness. Her enthusiasm for helping folks in any stage of healing and improvement stems through alternative/holistic approaches. She previously worked as a TMS technician and is now a Certified NeurOptimal® Trainer. When she’s not at Recovery Lounge and Spa you may find her in the mountains out in nature, or down in the city teaching yoga.

Degrees: BS in Neuroscience and BA in Spanish


Meet Megan Slattery

Certified Reiki and Shamanic Energy Healer at Tender Heart Healing

Since 2015, Megan has been helping sensitive souls and empaths go from overwhelm and burnout to calm, confident, and trusting in their soul path and sensitive abilities. She uses Reiki, Shamanic, and intuitive energy healing to reconnect clients to their higher self, aka, the part  that has the zest, wisdom, and creativity that might feel distant when  trapped in the cycle of putting everyone else first. Megan also teaches Reiki for Empaths, a class specifically tailored to the needs of modern day sensitive souls so they can continue to spread their love out in the world without dimming their own light.


Reiki Master Teacher (2015-2017), Shamanic Training (2019)
Bachelors Degree: Miami University (Oxford, OH) 2008



Discover Peace Within

Discover Peace Within is a female-led group practice that specializes in supporting teens, and women in their 20s and 30s traverse life’s challenges and changes. We offer traditional talk therapy for individuals and groups, infuse mindfulness and yoga practices through our Yoga + Talk Programs, and help heal trauma through EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Whether you’re faced with the beginning or the ending of a job, relationship, or move, or you’re coping with grief and loss or a significant trauma, or you’re preparing for or navigating motherhood, Discover Peace Within has a team of skills therapists ready to walk alongside you in your journey to discover peace within.

Meet Ilene Solomon Gold

LCSW, RYT – Therapist, Clinical Supervisor & Yoga Instructor | Owner of Discover Peace Within

Supporting women navigate their 20s and 30s with less anxiety and more confidence is my passion. I help women learn to trust their own intuition so that they live their lives according to their own values and priorities.

Meet Lauren Robinson

LCSW, RYT | Therapist & Yoga Instructor

My passion is supporting new and expecting moms, young women, and teens as they navigate new experiences, changes, and challenges. Within these pivotal phases of life we can experience feelings of being overwhelmed, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

Meet Dana Polley

LCSW | Therapist

My training is in clinical social work and my passion is in helping women be well!

Meet Lauren Brown

LPC | Therapist

Supporting children, adolescents and adults alike through individual therapy is my passion and honor. I get the experience of pain, fear and hopelessness, and I also know what it’s like on the other side. I want to help you find relief, whether you’re experiencing an unexpected difficult situation or have been suffering a lifetime of pain.


Built on values.

All of our services and offerings are based on a belief in the body’s innate capacity to heal. All of our services are relaxing and calming for the nervous system while strengthening the body’s internal healing mechanisms. While we can’t cure injury or disease, we can help to reduce and eliminate interference that is preventing your body from healing itself.

Healing Is About You.

Healing is about more than correcting physical structures in the body. Healing occurs when a person feels safe, when they feel heard, and when they are a participant in their own health.

Healing Is Holistic.

We believe in the body’s innate capacity to heal. We believe that healing and health are multidimensional and that illness or injury are not isolated to segmented parts of the body.

Healing Is About Trust.

We trust and believe in each of our clients as an expert in their own bodies. We want to empower you to connect with your body and be able to feel comfortable to tell us what you need.

Raves from our clients


Five Star Services

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle yet powerful type of bodywork that deeply calms the nervous system, releases restrictions causing pain or emotional disregulation anywhere in the body and can be served to any clients aged 1 to 90+.

Lymphatic Massage

This gentle massage modality facilitates your body’s own healing processes by improving lymph circulation through manual lymphatic drainage. Not only is this great for post surgery, but it also helps reduce swelling, provides detoxification and improves immune functioning.

Foot Detox

This relaxing foot detox in a bath of water activated with an Ionic Charge helps your body release toxins through your feet. This helps your body detoxify, balance your hormones and increase your energy, memory and sleep.


PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies) naturally recharges and energizes the health of your cells. This provides deep relaxation, restoration, increased energy, pain relief and provides faster healing from wounds, surgeries, & injuries.

Infrared Sauna

Nir, Mid, & Far infrared light helps raise the core body temperature at a cellular level where the majority of toxins reside. This provides pain relief, reduced inflammation and weight loss


Our personal training device provides feedback to your brain, training your brain to become more flexible and resilient which creates improved concentration, decision-making and a more pleasant mood.

Healing is here.

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