PEMF Therapy With Far Infrared

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Understand The Benefits

  • PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. Electromagnetic fields pass through the body and directly into our cells, causing a reaction within the cellular structure. Electromagnetic fields surround us all the time from cell phones and wifi to bluetooth and fluorescent lighting. But, before the smart device revolution, our bodies were predominantly exposed to electromagnetic fields from the earth. 
    The electromagnetic frequency of the earth fluctuates slightly around the globe, depending on elements such as seasons, and solar activity, but remains predominantly at 7.83 Hz. PEMF devices are intended to stimulate cells with healthy PEMFs to restore energy and return them to homeostasis (balanced function). This is important for injured tissue, inflammation, and fatigue. Different manufacturers utilize various waveforms, frequencies and intensities to achieve desired results.
  • At Recovery Lounge & Spa, we use the most up-to-date iMRS Prime PEMF System. We chose this system for you, specifically because of the waveform, frequency, resonance & intensities that it uses. It also has the ability to target the functions of different organs as they relate to the Organ Clock used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
    The iMRS Prime is the only Certified Medical PEMF Device for clinical and home use.
    iMRS Prime is also the only PEMF device on the market that uses a Triple Sawtooth waveform to deliver PEMF at 7.83Hz, matching the earth’s frequency. The reason this is important is because all life on earth resonates at 7.83Hz and your cellular structures are most balanced here. Healing occurs most rapidly when PEMF is delivered at this frequency & waveform. 
    The iMRS uses this frequency & waveform to deliver PEMF because it has been proven in studies conducted by NASA to stimulate the cell walls and promote healing. Additional studies have contributed to the design of iMRS so you are receiving the most powerful pulsed electromagnetic field for your cells to promote repair and prevent cellular membrane fatigue. 
    When you lay on the iMRS Prime mat or the pad is placed on a specific area, pulsed electromagnetic frequencies will begin harmonizing & energizing your cells through inductive resonance. This is similar to how your cell phone or other device is charged on a charging mat. Once the device is placed on the mat, the mat sends out a frequency that stimulates the ions in the battery to spin at a specific rate, thus returning to a charged state. This is what happens to the cells in your body.

  • With iMRS Prime, you are receiving the most powerful PEMF to energize your cells, promote cellular repair and prevent cellular membrane fatigue. With this system, energy is gently yet efficiently restored within the cells.
    The NEW iMRS Prime combines low-pulsed electromagnetic waves (PEMF) and Far Infrared (FIR – roughly between 3 and 14 Microns) simultaneously for a therapeutic experience that is truly one of a kind. – “It literally feels like floating on a raft on a calm lake!”

    Our iMRS Prime System can also deliver a PEMF experience that is 100% customized to your body, utilizing a pulse oximeter to monitor your blood oxygen levels and heart-rate variability in real time. Throughout your session, the system will monitor & adjust the intensity of PEMF being delivered to improve your heart-rate variability.

    We also have the capability to safely target specific areas with smaller pads at higher intensity frequencies that are beneficial for applications such as bone healing, surgery recovery & healing injuries.

    For the Ultimate relaxation experience, add Brainwave Entrainment with light and sound, matching your PEMF frequencies – a Holistic therapy for the human brain! Exagon Brainwave Entrainment by iMRS Prime uses Photic, chromatic and audible BrainWave Entrainment combined in one single system.

  • PEMF therapy is not dangerous in itself. There are conditions for which individuals should NOT use PEMF therapy. Use of the iMRS Prime system is contraindicated for the following conditions:
    • Pregnancy
    • Epilepsy
    • Electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (with the exception of approval by the consulting physician)
    The iMRS Prime System may only be used with the approval of a health care practitioner and under medical supervision under the following conditions: 
    • Presence of tumors
    • Serious cardiac arrhythmia
    • Acute attacks of hyperthyroidism
    • Extreme sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
    Disclaimer: The iMRS® Systems are listed and regulated by the FDA and by Health Canada. However, these systems are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent any particular disease.

  • We recommend that you clear using the iMRS Prime PEMF mat with your doctor before scheduling your appointment.
  • Your laptop is one of the lower emitting frequencies at about 50Hz, and your cell phone can emit between 800-1000 MHz (significantly higher). Consider though, when you use your laptop with BluetoothⓇ technology it goes up to 2.4 GHz (the frequency of BluetoothⓇ).
    This is important to note because your body is surrounded by these higher frequencies. While there is still debate as to the effects it has on the body from continuous exposure, it has been shown that cellular repair diminishes when vibrating at higher rates.
    Learn more here
How does it help?
Clients who use our PEMF mats report experiencing a positive impact on their overall health goals and daily lives such as:
  • Decrease in Pain
  • Decrease in Stress
  • Decrease in Inflammation
  • Stimulation of the Anti-inflammatory Response
  • Increase in Athletic Performance
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Maintain Bone Growth and Support in Bone Healing
  • Promote Better Circulation
  • Synchronization of Biorhythms, and Better Sleep
  • Increased Focus and Clarity

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Page: 2020 Buyers Guide to Pulsed Magnetic Therapy
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