IonCleanse Foot Detox

What is IonCleanse Foot Detox?
Chronic exposure to chemicals, heavy metals, toxins, and illness can trigger a state of inflammation, disease and/or imbalance in our body. The IonCleanse Foot Detox helps to release this toxic load from your body & improve your overall wellness.
How can toxicity affect your body?

Slows and fatiques your metabolism.


Can cause cognitive dysfunction and brain fog.


Can throw your thyroid, adrenal glands, sex hormones and ADH out of balance.


Can impact your immunity to viral, fungal, and bacterial infection.


Can cause dysbiosis, leaky gut, malabsorption, and food intolerances.

How does it work?
The IonCleanse Foot Detox utilizes an “Ionater” device in water to create positive and negative ions which enter the body through pores in your feet.  These ions energize cells in the body, encouraging the release of oil, acid, fat, heavy metals, and other wastes. The combination of your natural blood/fluid flow and osmosis release toxins from your body into the ionized water while your feet are soaking.
How is IonCleanse Different from other Foot Detox Devices?
The IonCleanse® foot detoxification machine is the only unit of its type to receive true FCC & CE safety approvals, making it the safest ionic foot bath available on the market. Not only is it medical grade technology, but it is also safe for children! Need more information? Read the IonCleanse® Safety Reports here:
How does it help?
Clients who use the ionCleanse report experiencing a positive impact on their overall health goals and daily lives such as:
  • Liver Detoxification
  • Purge Heavy Metals
  • Increase Energy and Reduce Stress
  • Internal Cleansing with Full Body Purge
  • Improve Sexual Health
  • Significant Pain Relief
  • Improve Memory and Sleep
  • Liver, Kidneys and Parasite Cleanse
  • Wrinkles, Acne & other Skin Problems
  • Enhance Immune System
Can foot detox help you lose weight?

In our daily lives, we are inundated with toxins from cleaning & beauty products to food additives and pollution. We are also exposed to toxins from exposure to pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria & mold. 
Over time, the build up of toxins cause inflammation throughout our body & disrupt the mitochondria in our cells, reducing our ability to burn fat. This accumulation of toxins and the impact on our metabolism can cause us to gain weight that feels toxic & heavy. Purging toxins & cleansing the body helps to reduce weight gain from inflammation and improve our metabolism.

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